Marketing Attribution Made Easy

What if you could attribute marketing leads to opportunities and closed deals, even if they weren’t linked in your CRM…we can do that!

Our platform enables your team to easily analyze the true impact of marketing on the bottom line. Our powerful, easy-to-use platform makes it realistic to facilitate even the most complex, rapidly-changing business requirements on-time and on-budget.

Bring together data across marketing, sales, advertising, and financial platforms. Going beyond integration, unification results in a single repository of normalized data where all fields and meanings are consistent.


Uncover connections between leads, accounts, marketing efforts, and revenue that would otherwise go unnoticed when data is siloed.


Rapidly handle new data sources, changing business requirements, and stakeholder asks.


Create reports and real-time dashboards that convey attribution and actionable insights.

Machine Learning

Apply machine learning models to uncover deeper insights.


Easily identify how marketing activity contributed to pipeline and revenue even if emails, company names, and domains are inconsistent.

Time Tracking

By tracking time stamps and account names on all MQLs, our solution can attribute leads to opportunities, even if the contact name is different.


Control access and permissions, and customize exactly as needed with ease.