Customer Behavior Analysis

Easily unify all of your customer, sales, marketing automation, payment and financial data. Enrich with 3rd party and social data so you can more effectively resolve customer identities, segment, identify buying traits and evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns.

Our platform makes it easy to pull together all of your customer data, regardless of it’s original format, and normalize it into a single centralized database. The data sits on our secure SaaS platform, where it can easily be analyzed for deeper customer insights and discoveries.

Bonus, the analysis functionality is in the platform, you can unify and analyze with a single solution!


We make it easy to see the impact that changing one variable has on others. Easily run potential scenarios and see results.


Rapidly handle new data sources, changing business requirements, and stakeholder asks.


Create reports and real-time dashboards to view current and historical buying trends. Want to see weekend vs weekday trends…based on job titles? Whatever you need, we can do it!

Machine Learning

Apply machine learning models to uncover deeper insights.


Easily identify how marketing activity contributed to pipeline and revenue even if emails, company names, and domains are inconsistent.

Real Time Updates

Customer behavior can change on a whim! We automate all data collection so you can be assured data is up to date and relevant.


Control access and permissions, and customize exactly as needed with ease.