CRM Clean Up and Enrichment

Let’s face it, over time, CRM data gets messed up. Titles are inconsistent. Company names¬† get abbreviated. Fields are left blank. And let’s not even get into whether or not leads are connected to opportunities…

Bridgeplex can quickly and easily clean, normalize and enrich your CRM data.

Our platform automatically reduces duplicate, inaccurate entries improve the quality of your CRM data. You create a master standard, our platform does the rest.

We securely store and process all the data on our SaaS platform, significantly reducing IT effort and costs. Tie together data from multiple marketing automation solutions for a more holistic view of customer activity. Sync back to your CRM at any time, or auto sync so your data is continuously cleaned and updated.

Added bonus- if you want to enhance your CRM data with additional external data- from social media, LinkedIn, or data aggregators we can easily do that too! And if you want to tie leads to opportunities, well we make that easy too, even if leads aren’t linked to deals in the CRM…

Make sure you are always working with the best customer data with Bridgeplex.


Easily create a set of master rules, our platform will automatically clean, deduplicate and normalize all records.


Our user interface makes it easy for you to create new workflows and rules (don’t worry we save all the old data just in case!)


Better understand customer demographics and behavior. Easily create reports and real-time dashboards to see things like geo distribution or average deal size- the reporting is super flexible!


Want to know where your customers worked before, what competitive products they own or what their hobbies are? If the data is out there, we can easily attach it to your customer records.

Intelligent Tracking

Set up auto-sync and our platform will ensure your data is always clean and up to date. We save every copy-Recover to any point in time if needed!


Control access and permissions, and customize exactly as needed with ease.