Imagine What You Can Do With Your Data

The Singular Platform to Unify, Enhance and Analyze All of Your Data

Simple, Scaleable, Secure

Marketing Attribution Made Easy

Our platform is ideal for sales and marketing teams, campaign managers and CMOs needing to quickly analyze and view marketing ROI and impact on driving sales qualified leads, pipeline, and closed deals.

Bridgeplex provides actionable insights in real time with crystal clear, automated reports and dashboards.

CRM Clean Up and Migration

Quickly and easily improve the quality of your CRM data. You create a master standard, our platform normalizes all fields, deduplicates and cleans your customer data. Automatically enhance customer records with information from social media and data brokers.  Sync records to your existing CRM or easily migrate to a new solution.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Customer behavior analysis gets more challenging every day- you need to keep up with rapid changes in social influences and buying patterns. We make it easy to merge your cross organizational data together with intent data, social media and sentiment analysis for easy identity resolution, segmentation and campaign analysis.

Machine Learning Data Prep

Data Preprocessing is required to ensure you have a clean data set for Deep Learning and Machine Learning. Quickly and easily clean, transform, enhance, deduplicate and format data from multiple sources.

Data Normalization

In order to make fully informed decisions and “find your truth”, you need  company wide data to be aligned, verifiable, and trusted.  This requires unification, enhancement, analysis and continuous updating and synchronization.

Database Migration

Don’t migrate bad data! Clean, deduplicate and normalize all your data in the cloud, automatically push to new databases. Keep multiple databases in sync for change management or legacy support purposes.