Growth Hacker

Bridgeplex is the all-in-one cloud platform to make your data useful. Imagine a really great integration tool with a BI layer that can enrich, deduplicate, and transform data, host it, secure it, manage users, and scale to any workload. Yep, we do all of that, and we managed it put it together with beautiful UI that’s friendly to both business and technical users.

We love marketers and salespeople that blend creativity with a go-getter attitude. The kind of folks that love to get into the customer’s mind and understand what makes them tick, what will engage them, what will make them want to share, and make them say, “wow, I need to learn more”.

Here’s an example of a typical month:

  • We want to drive sales for a new feature. Figure out how to get 30 meetings with qualified prospects. Should it be a content driven play, what is it the content strategy, what channels to post on, how to escalate those prospects into meetings, and all the important meat of it.
  • Work with a designer to come up with collateral, video scripts, and creative content to engage prospects.
  • Come up with ways to find new prospects in creative, cost effective ways that are “outside the box”
  • Work closely with sales to figure out how to position products, conversations, and pitches.
  • Run analysis on prospects to figure out what product roadmap opportunities are most likely to drive revenue.
  • Create collateral that is beautiful, engaging, and conveys the message clearly.
  • Come up with content to post to our social media pages and how to get traction for them.


  • At least 2 years of experience driving revenue for a startup and an understanding of why driving revenue for a large enterprise is.
  • Preferably at least 1 year experience in sales.
  • Technically inclined (able to edit pages in WordPress, manipulate data, manage social and ad platforms, etc).
  • Preferably proficient in making their own graphics and collateral, but not necessary.
  • Can come up with out of the box, creative strategies for driving traffic and meetings.

Compensation: $60k to $70k + bonus + benefits + unlimited vacation
This is a full-time position in either Portland, Oregon or NYC, but we are open to remote work for the right candidate.

We don’t bog down great ideas with red-tape, bureaucracy, and meaningless meetings. We value great ideas over rank – the best ideas win.


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Position: Growth Hacker

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Employment Type
Full Time
$ 70k - $ 80k + bonus + benefits
Date posted
February 16, 2019
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