Mission: Make It Easy To Make Data Useful.

From The Founder

Imagine trying to buy a car, but you had to assemble it yourself. Each part was sold at different stores and it was up to you to figure out how to piece it together. For non-mechanics, this seems absurd. However, that is what the data industry is like, and Bridgeplex is passionate about fixing it.

There are dozens of companies each focused on solving just one piece of the puzzle. Want dashboards? Great, use a BI tool. Want to get data into that dashboard? Great, use an integration tool. Want to create workflows? Great, use a workflow tool. Want to make it all work together? Great, hire some expensive consultants or use something that costs thousands in up-front fees. Along the way, be prepared for long, tediuos contract negotiations.

The truth is, to really use your data, you need to be be able to do all of those things. I wanted something that did it all, was easy to use, affordable for small businesses, but powerful enough for large enterprises. Whenever I talked to someone about building such a tool, I consistently got the response, “it’s too much for one tool, just focus on one part of the puzzle”. Alas, that was the problem: unless someone did all of it, the puzzle wouldn’t be solved. I didn’t want yet another partial solution – I wanted the real deal that actually solved the real issues for it’s users.

So, I made a list of every integration, analytics, and workflow problem I encountered in the past ten years of my career, and set out to build a tool that solved as much as of it as possible, as elegantly as possible. Realistic, usage-based pricing was a must so the masses could afford it without having to jump through hoops of managerial approval.

The mission: make it easy to make data useful.

Bridgeplex was built on that mission, and will continue to operate on that premise. The end result is an enterprise grade product with consumer grade friendliness. I’m confident that agencies that handle client data, organizations involved in the channel, and marketing and sales teams will in particular find Bridgeplex to be a huge leap forward. Delivery times, costs, and stakeholder satisfaction will see dramatic improvements. Over time, we’re looking to bring this experience to as many industries as possible. If you’re interested in being a part of the next step forward in the data industry, sign up now for early access.

Naif Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Bridgeplex