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We Make It Easy To Make Data Useful


  • Eliminate the need for multiple integration, BI and reporting tools.
  • Automate data collection, cleaning, normalization and deduplication.
  • Empower business users to easily create workflows and dashboards.
  • Create unlimited dashboards to visualize data relationships and attribution results.


Unification goes far beyond integration. Imagine consolidating data from unlimited sources into single hub of normalized, consistent, clean data. That’s Unification


Automate the cleaning, deduplicating, and formatting of your data. Normalize all fields and make sure data is consistent across multiple platforms.


Automatically enrich your data to fill in missing fields such as job titles, company firmographics, contact information, social profiles, and real time online activity.


Quickly and easily create customized reports and real-time dashboards. Control access and permissions- without having to bother IT!

Automate Your Toughest Data Reporting Challenges

No matter how many data sources, how complex the data preparation and how intricate the analysis, Bridgeplex makes it simple to unify, enhance and analyze all your data.
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