Unleash The Value of Your Data

The Singular Platform to Unify, Enhance and Analyze All of Your Data

Simple, Scalable, Secure

We Make It Easy To Make Your Data Useful

Our Bridgeplex SaaS data unification, enhancement and analysis platform makes it easy for business and operations users to convert data from disparate platforms into actionable insights

  • Rapidly unify, clean, de-duplicate and enhance data across multiple platforms.
  • Create multiple dashboards to analyze and visualize data and its relationships.
  • Easily modify dashboards, no need for IT to rebuild a database or have an analyst modify the logic schema.

All the functionality you need in one place!

Data Unification

Unification goes far beyond integration. Imagine consolidating unlimited data sources into single repository of normalized, consistent, clean data. That’s Unification.

Data Enhancement

Automatically enhance data with external information, including real time online activity. Enrichment ensures greater insights and more informed decisions.

In-Depth Analysis

Quickly and easily create customized reports and real-time dashboards. Control access and permissions- without having to bother IT!

Imagine What You Can Do With Your Data

Marketing Attribution

What if you could accurately attribute leads to opportunities and closed deals…even if they were never linked in the CRM? Or consolidate data from multiple applications that don’t have API’s? We can do that!

Customer Behavior Analysis

You think you know your customer, but do you really? Bottom line it’s not easy to pull together all of the relevant data about their behavior. Seriously is it even possible to consolidate intent data, social media behavior, demographics and so much more into a database you can easily analyze? Yes, it is!

CRM Cleanup and Enrichment

Let’s face it, over time, CRM data gets messed up. Titles are inconsistent. Company names  get abbreviated. Fields are left blank. Leads are not connected to opportunities. You would be amazed at how quickly we can fix that for you and keep everything in sync!

Machine Learning Data Prep

It’s exciting that computers can now learn for themselves. Unfortunately, what they can’t do on their own is preprocess the data. Until you can teach the computer to clean, integrate, transform and reduce data sources, let us automate that for you!

Company Wide Data Normalization

So much data! So many formats! So much inconsistency! You wonder if it’s really possible to pull it all together without breaking the budget and the spirit of your IT and data analysis teams. We make it all possible, save time, costs and your sanity with Bridgeplex.

Database Migration

Don’t migrate bad data! Clean, deduplicate and normalize all your data in the cloud, automatically push to new databases. Keep multiple databases in sync for change management or legacy support purposes.

We Make It Easy To Make Your Data Useful!

Bridgeplex offers a number of key differentiators vs existing integration and analysis solutions:

  • Singular platform: No need for multiple tools and vendors to perform various tasks.
  • Unifies data: All data is in a separate, cloud based, normalized repository in which all fields and meanings are consistent.
  • No limits on data sources: Easily unify CRM, marketing automation, finance, service desk, calendar, social media data and more.
  • Provides in depth analysis: Create customized dashboards and automated reporting.
  • Incredibly Simple: Get to results in days not months.
  • Lower costs: No charge for individual modules, users, or connectors.

Powerful Customization

Pull in new data sources at any time, customizable workflows let you easily determine the impact of changing one or more variables on outcomes.

You're In Control

Business users can easily modify dashboards and measurables based on business needs.

Change Is Easy

Unifying data onto a single, independent SaaS platform reduces costs and complexities, frees organizations from back end dependencies and enables informed decision-making.

“Bridgeplex has made all of our integration dreams come true.”

“New requests could be implemented within minutes.”

“What really made this stand out over previous providers we have worked with was the outstanding customer service that we received.”