Built with you in mind.

We built Bridgeplex to solve real problems in pragmatic ways.
The goal: make it easy to make it data useful.

High performance, versioned storage

  • We store every version of your data. You can restore your data back to any point in time – a perfect safety net against the unexpected.
  • View changes in data over time – even deleted data.
  • Reduce your IT overhead – we handle uptime, security, and scaleability.
  • In-memory for maximum performance.
  • Silo data into projects that can be kept completely isolated from each other.

A unified platform

  • Companies typically stitch together seperate iPaaS, BI, database, and access management systems to use their data. Competitors that claim to do it all are often just selling individual products. Making them work together is complex and expensive. Bridgeplex is a true, unified, cloud-based solution.
  • Reduce time, cost, and complexity by using one tool that does it all.
  • Fully-managed in our cloud infrastructure to reduce your IT overhead. We handle uptime, availability, and scalability.
  • Runs in your browser, so nothing to install.

Easy to use

  • Get started quickly. Our interface is designed to be easy to learn, yet powerful.
  • Enterprise grade functionality with consumer grade friendliness.
  • Links to documentation and tutorials throughout the interface to minimize on-boarding time.

Minimal Overhead

  • As a fully managed SaaS solution, Bridgeplex incurs no additional maintenance overhead for your IT team
  • Our elegant yet powerful interface minimizes onboarding time
  • Implement automated reporting and workflows that eliminate manual work.

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