Integrate Seamlessy.

Bring together CRMs, databases, APIs, marketing systems, spreadsheets, and more.

Centralized integration

  • Bridgeplex can connect to nearly any CRM, API, database, or platform.
  • Prebuilt connectors and custom connectors are available.
  • Use our API instead of dozens of other APIs to interface with your systems to reduce overhead and engineering work.
  • Connect dozens of systems together.
  • Transform, enrich, deduplicate, and filter data before sending.

Built in safety

  • We store every version of your data, so you can restore things back to any point in time. A perfect safety net for the unexpected.
  • Undo deletes or updates with ease, even from months ago.
  • Data can be moved automatically, or use custom dashboards that let users verify which data to move.

Realistic automation

  • Reduce costs by creating workflows that take into account the nuances of your processes.
  • Implement manual review steps with web-based dashboards.
  • Templatize and re-use steps to minimize effort.

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