Powerful deduplication.

Highly flexible. Works even across platforms, databases, CRMs, and APIs.

Accurate and flexible

  • Create highly flexible rules for what makes data duplicates. Go beyond just single fields and fuzzy matching.
  • Can identify duplicates even if the data is in different platforms.
  • Can factor in how far apart addresses are.
  • For example: Find all companies who’s normalized names are almost the same or have the same domain name, and are within 10 miles of each other. Merge them into one record, but the record with more employees or with more revenue gets priority.

A practical approach

  • Proper deduplication often requires data normalization and enrichment. We support that natively and easily, so you can do it all in one place.
  • Present deduplicated data in dashboards, exportable reports, or send it off to any CRM, database, platform, or API.
  • Scales to your demands without any IT overhead.
  • Works with real-time and historical data.
  • View logs of all deduplicated data.

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