Get insight into your data.

Real-time web-based dashboards and exportable reports.

Real-time dashboards

  • Create unlimited dashboards to visualize your data.
  • Add approval steps and forms to your dashboards.
  • Simple to use and flexible widgets that convey information meaningfully and beautifully.
  • Control access based on teams, users, or even the data in the dashboard.

Reports done right

  • Create unlimited exportable spreadsheet reports.
  • Go beyond just CSV files. Create spreadsheets with multiple tabs with columns and rows that show exactly what you want.
  • Generate dashboards in real-time, or schedule them to be sent to recipients on a schedule.

Distribute easily

  • Manage access for internal stakeholders, clients, and partners without any per user costs.
  • Customize what shows up based on the user or their organization.
  • Setup automated notifications for important changes in data.